Situated 23km west of Chania, Avra Imperial Hotel is well positioned in one of the few places in Crete that resiliently safeguard their “untouched” beauty, the village of Kolymvari at the southern end of the Rodopou peninsula. Ideally located on the picturesque bay of Kolymvari, the small town has the great privilege of being “showered” by the salty waves of the crystal clear turquoise waters of the Cretan sea, while offering stunning views over the semi-mountainous peninsula to the west. And if you are a nature lover, you can visit the more isolated northern part of the peninsula, a Natura 2000 environmentally protected area, where you will find a wealth of biodiversity and rare bird species nesting there.

With roots dating back to the Minoan period, Kolymvari has always been and still remains a small town following the zealous resistance of its residents in converting it into an urban city. Commercial activities, growth and progress harmoniously co-exist with traditional activities such as fishing in the small traditional village harbour. One kilometer west of Kolymvari is the historic monastery of Gonia and the Orthodox Academy of Crete.

Safeguarding the balance between the old and the new, blessed with the sun shining almost all year round, Kolymvari is a one-of-a-kind place in Crete that will transform your holiday in Chania into the relaxing experience of a lifetime. Whether you are enjoying a long-awaited family holiday, a romantic escape or a short business trip, the stunning natural beauty of the wider area will most definitely soothe the senses and revive your soul.




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